House Rules

  1. Each player is required to purchase a game booklet to be eligible to play bingo, extra specials and break open games.
  2. Players are responsible to call “Bingo” clearly and loudly so the caller can hear them.
  3. Bingo players are to raise their hands with the winning card to alert staff.
  4. Once the caller has dropped the bingo balls and the game is announced “closed” no other bingo can be honored.
  5. Numbers appearing on the monitors or flashboards are not official until they are called.
  6. Cards are good only for the nightly game of purchase.
  7. Cards displaying serial numbers not issued at our hall will not be honored.
  8. Must be 14 years of age to enter Legends Gaming Centre. All players must be of a mature age to actively participate in our sessions. Must be 19 years of age to play break opens.
  9. There will be no reserving seats or tables for other players.
  10. Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or on vibrate.
  11. You must call “Bingo” on the last number called to win Loonie or Toonie.
  12. Ink daubers must be used to cover bingo numbers.
  13. No refunds for unused or unplayed bingo paper.
  14. Management reserves the right to change the program and promotions without notice or to cancel the game due to low attendance (60).
  15. Flashboards are a convenience only, ball supersedes mechanical or call error.
  16. Managements Decisions are FINAL.